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Core-competence: nano-coatings

The core competence of Nano-Care Deutschland AG is the development and manufacturing of ultra-thin easy-clean nano-coatings, based on silicon dioxide (SiO2). As a nano-coating producer, we therefore focus less on marketing our products ourselves and more on the structure and support of a worldwide dealer network.

We support our partners extensively through transfer of technical know-how based on our latest scientific findings and suggesting the best marketing methods. This enables additional added value and clear competitive advantage.



"There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom". This is the title of a lecture given by the Father of Nanotechnology ...
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A nano-coating

Use our virtual raster electron microscope to determine the functionality of a nano-coating!
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Nano-Care Deutschland AG distances herself from the colloquial term "nano-sealant" for glass, ceramic, textiles, stones and other surfaces. It was built by the market in the last 10 years and it is not correct from the technical point of view. Our nano-coatings are not sealing the surface – they protect it without impeding the breathability of the substrate.